Plan of Action for Pet Neutering 2017

We all know that neutering is the best way to exercise animal birth control, therefore avoiding the births of unwanted animals, which, sadly, in many cases, end in abuse and neglect.

By having your pets neutered, you will help to avoid unwanted behaviours that are linked to sexual behaviour, such as aggression, nervousness, fighting, territorial marking and escapism. Neutering is also the best way to prevent many serious diseases, such as breast, uterus ans ovarian cancer, pronstate cancer, diabetes and hormonal disordes.

For this reason, we have prepared again, for the fourth year, a special PLAN OF ACTION FOR PET NEUTERING during the whole of 2017. Our special promotion will consist of:
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  • A wide circulation between our clients and the media about the benefits of neutering.
  • Working together with the different animal protection associations in Estepona by carry out the neutering of the street cat population, so to exercise a better control over them and thus prevent their overpopulation.
  • So taking all the above in account, we would like to offer to all our customers during the whole of 2017, a special DISCOUNT OF 25% OFF THE PRICE OF THE NEUTERING, without affecting in any way the quality of our work, where THE WELL BEING AND THE HEALTH OF YOUR PET is our utmost importance. 

So please, visit us at CLÍNICA VETERINARIA TAMARA or CALL US at 952 79 50 49. We will give your pet a complete check-up of its state of health, we will inform you about the procedure and prepare a quote made to measure to your pet for you without any compromise.

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